Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry: Testing 1,2,3

By Jesper — August 11th, 2016

We’re happy to announce that we’ve now reached 70% of our funding goal.

In the last week our engineers spent all of their time on tweaking the final Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry prototype. Fortunately, hard work pays off and at this stage we’re finalizing the Wi-Fi and overall tests of the Black Cherry in our external test lab. With only a few tests ahead the results are looking great so far.

In the next week we’re going to take the Black Cherry out of the lab to perform some real world situation tests. Once we’ve finalized our lab and real world situation tests we will be ready to start with the production of the Black Cherry. We’ll keep you updated about the progress and expected production time once we have more information available for you.

We’d like to highlight the fact that the Ockel Sirius B (white) is completely finished and in stock. At the end of the campaign we’ll be sending a survey to collect your shipping information to ship the white Sirius Bs’ immediately. The Black Cherry will follow as soon as the production is finished.


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