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We are passionate about true innovation. Ockel is founded because we believe we can make a difference in the computer industry. This day marked the start of our mission: to reinvent the PC.

100% funded in 1 day
We thank our supporters to fund the development and production of our first mini PC in just a single day.


Microsoft partner
The awesome Microsoft team offers us their support and knowledge when it comes to software development, licensing and other questions related to Windows 10.

Hotlist Tech Award
The Ockel Sirius A is awarded with a Hotlist Tech Award during the IFA 2016 in Berlin. A wonderful recognition of the potential of our newest Windows 10 pocket PC.

Intel partner
We work closely with the Intel engineers to create fast and reliable devices. The knowledge of their worldwide teams enables us to develop new and innovative computers.

1 million dollar raised
We have to thank our supporters again. We raised 1 million dollars in total on Indiegogo and Kickstarter for the development and production of all our pocket PCs.

Fresh Award
We are awarded with the Fresh Award for the Ockel Sirius A. Host of the award show, Fred Brown, praises Ockel for the disruptive design: “This is one of the most innovative form factors we've seen.”


Most versatile Windows 10 PC
We are developing a revolutionary new PC: the Ockel Sirius A. It is an ultra-small PC with a 6-inch touchscreen and battery for a full Windows 10 experience at any time.

Why Windows?

The most frequently asked question, after being impressed by our products, is “Why Windows?”.  First of all is Windows the most used operating system on computers and laptops in offices and at home. The newest version of Windows is easy to use, quick, and full of new functions. Our newest Windows 10 pocket PC includes a fingerprint scanner, this will enable users to unlock their Ockel computer with their fingerprint using Windows Hello. As official Microsoft partner we get a lot of support to develop new features related to the Windows software, this enables us to develop new features on the world’s most versatile pocket PC.

Windows 10 as it should be

When you buy an Ockel with pre-installed Windows 10 you will get the “clean” Windows version, without any extra bloatware. You can directly enjoy the full Windows 10 version, and we won’t bother you with software you didn’t ask for. In that way we don’t use extra storage space, and you can use the remaining storage on our mini and pocket PCs in the way you like. Since we are not a software company we leave that part to the experts of our partner Microsoft.

Mobile Windows 10, without Windows 10 Mobile

Ockel computers come with a full Windows 10 version on a pocket-sized device. This is not to be confused with Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Windows 10 Mobile uses Windows Continuum to simulate a full desktop experience, while ultimately it cannot handle applications, such as Photoshop. The Ockel Windows 10 mini and pocket PCs contain the full version of Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional. This is Windows like you are used to use on normal desktop towers, and laptops.

All operating systems are welcome

You have the option to buy an Ockel computer without Windows pre-installed. You are free to choose the operating system which suits you best. Install Linux or your own Windows license. Although we only offer support on Windows devices, we also offer help and some documentation for other operating systems.