• Moon Silver
  • Meteor Grey
  • Venus Gold

Sirius A

An ultra small PC with 6-inch touchscreen and battery for a full Windows 10 experience at any time.

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The world's most versatile pocket PC

  • The Ockel Sirius A is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but is just as powerful as a desktop PC.
  • This unique pocket PC is equipped with a full Windows 10 Home or Pro version, powerful hardware components, a 6-inch touchscreen and battery.
  • The Ockel Sirius A combines the connectivity and functionality you want and need when you are using a personal computer with the portability you expect from today’s technology.

What makes the Sirius A unique

Very Powerful

The Ockel Sirius A is designed to eliminate the limitations of a mobile operating system. Equipped with a full version of Windows 10 (64-bit Home or Pro), an Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor, up to 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM and up to 128GB of flash storage you get the power you need to run any Windows x86 application smoothly.

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100% Silent

The powerful hardware of the Sirius A obviously generates heat. A regular passive cooling isn’t able to cool this heat, therefore the heat sink, shaped after the Canis Major constellation, was created. This heat sink cools all the heat generated by the Ockel Sirius A without the need for a fan. This ensures you can work in total silence, and benefit from ultra-low power consumption.

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Seriously Small

The small form factor of the Ockel Sirius A makes it hard to believe you are carrying a complete desktop PC with you. The built-in battery and the full HD touchscreen ensure access to all of your files, applications and the full Windows 10 desktop experience wherever you are. The 3.500 mAh battery has enough capacity to power your Sirius A up to 4 hours on the go.

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How to use the Sirius A


The Ockel Sirius A eliminates the limitations of a mobile operating system. Equipped with a full version of Windows 10 (64-bit Home or Pro), an Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor, up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of flash storage you get the power you want. Combined with a multitude of wired and wireless options to connect peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard or external hard drive, you create a comfortable and complete desktop experience within seconds.

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Media Player

Connect the Ockel Sirius A to your TV or speakers and enjoy your favorite media. This little machine is equipped with many connection options, including an RJ-45 port for ultrafast media transfer, full size HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Type-C, Bluetooth and WiFi. Whether it’s Netflix, YouTube, Spotify or stored media files, the Ockel Sirius A streams, transfers and controls it all.

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The Ockel Sirius A offers you the flexibility you need as a 21st century business professional, without handing in on productivity. With a Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro version pre-installed and powerful hardware components, you are able to create a comfortable workspace within seconds, share your content with (potential) clients or colleagues and access your Microsoft Office 365 Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents wherever you are. The integrated fingerprint scanner keeps your data safe and easily accessible.

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Remote control

Connect your Philips Hue, Nest, smart security camera or other Internet-of-Things device and manage the settings straight out of your pocket. The Sirius A is the most beautiful remote control ever made for all your smart devices, at home or at the office.

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On the go

The compact size and lightweight design of the Ockel Sirius A allow you to take the device with you wherever you go. You don’t even realize you are carrying a complete computer with you! The 6-inch full HD touchscreen and integrated battery that lasts up to 4 hours enable you to use the Sirius A on the go.

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Field work

The need to carry around heavy laptops is over. The Ockel Sirius A enables IT- experts, technicians, repairmen and other field workers to collect and analyze data, track and monitor progress or maintain infrastructures within the blink of an eye. The Ockel Sirius A is the first pocket-sized device with an RJ-45 port, offering the possibility to connect to any network in a fast, easy and safe way.

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Wired or wireless, it's up to you

The Sirius A is equipped with the latest WiFi ac and Bluetooth technology for fast and wireless connection, but also includes all the ports you want to have when you are working on a desktop PC.

What the media has to say

“The fact that the Sirius A actually has a screen that lets you use it as a mobile computer makes it stand out”

“This is my third Ockel and really happy to be a part of all your campaigns” — Tony Herrero

“The Sirius A is a pocketable PC with more ports than your MacBook Pro”

“I haven’t been more excited to open the box containing a new PC since the 80’s. It’s gorgeous.” — Charles L Johnson

“This is the craziest Windows 10 machine I’ve ever seen”

“Sirius A Pro is a masterpiece, and it’s totally awesome” — Sergey Grimalskiy

“A Dutch hardware company is working with Microsoft to deliver a completely different Windows 10 device”

“Yes!! Finally got it today and what a treat! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful details, same as the ockel device itself.” — Eva de Hilster

Sirius A

  • Moon Silver
  • Meteor Grey
  • Venus Gold
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Intel Atom x7-Z8750
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB Flash


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Sirius A Pro

  • Moon Silver
  • Meteor Grey
  • Venus Gold
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • Intel Atom x7-Z8750
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB Flash


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What’s in the box

Tech Specs

Operating system
Windows 10 Home/Pro 64-bit
Intel Atom x7-Z8750
6 inch Full HD multi-touch panel
Graphic type
Intel HD Graphics 405
4K Support
3840 x 2160 px @ 30Hz
2x 3.0 (5V/3A)
USB Type-C
3.0 (5V/2.5A)
1.4a (Full Size)
1.2 (Full Size)
RJ-45 (10/100/1000MBit)
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual band
Internal storage
64GB / 128GB eMMC flash
Expansion options
Micro SDXC slot
5MP Full HD (1080p @ 30fps)
Stereo 1W
Microphone Array
Fingerprint Scanner, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
DC 12.5W (5V/2.5A)
3500 mAh
Up to 3.5 hours of video playback
Meteor Grey, Moon Silver, Venus Gold
85.5 x 160 x 8.6 - 21.4mm / 3.4 x 6.3 x 0.3 - 0.8"
334g / 11.8oz


What does x86-64 mean?

This means the Sirius A runs on an Intel x86 platform in 64-bit mode. This pocket PC is able to run a full desktop version of Windows 10 and install any Windows program. Unlike mobile phones with ARM processors, the Sirius A can run the same Window applications as a traditional desktop PC.

What Windows license is included?

The standard Sirius A model includes Windows 10 Home, while the Pro model is equipped with Windows 10 Pro. Both models have the Windows 64-bit version installed.

Why would I want Windows 10 Pro (Sirius A Pro comes with Windows 10 Pro)?

Windows 10 Pro includes certain business features including joining a domain, running Bitlocker encryption, and the ability to postpone updates. For more information about the different Windows editions, see https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/WindowsForBusiness/Compare

Can I install another operating system on the Sirius A?

Theoretically, the Sirius A is able to run any OS on a x86-64 platform, including older versions of Windows or Linux. However, alternative operating systems will need driver support to  perform optimally. Currently, only Windows 10 is fully supported by Ockel.

Can I reinstall Windows 10 if something goes wrong?

Yes! Check our Windows reinstallation guide on the Ockel support page

Can I attach Thunderbolt 3 accessories to the USB-C port?

The Sirius A currently does not support Thunderbolt 3 accessories. While Thunderbolt 3 shares the same style of a connector with USB-C it requires extra chips to enable this feature.

What type of display is included?

The Sirius A is equipped with an 6 inch Full HD multi-touch panel display.

Can I use a stylus with the display?

Yes! A stylus should work well with the touchscreen. However, the Sirius A is not equipped with an active stylus digitizer for more precise location and pressure level detection.

What type of HDMI port is included?

The Sirius A is equipped with an HDMI 1.4 port.

Can I connect to a wireless display/projector?

Yes. The Sirius A includes an Intel Wi-Fi AC chipset which supports the Miracast standard.

Can I expand the RAM?

No. It is not possible to add or change RAM separately. Please consider upgrading to the Sirius A Pro model when you expect to need more RAM.

Can I expand the storage?

Yes. Every Sirius model is equipped with a microSDXC slot which supports a maximum of 2TB storage. Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade the built-in eMMC storage. Please consider upgrading to the Sirius A Pro model equipped with 128GB of flash storage.

How can I charge the Sirius A?

You can charge the built-in battery using either AC or USB Type-C. The Sirius A will we be delivered with an AC adapter which can be used to power the device and charge the battery. You can also charge the Sirius A with USB Type-C based chargers or power banks. The adapter which you receive along with your Sirius A is compatible for the US and Europe, but of course you can use it everywhere together with a world plug.

Are any of the full-size USB ports powered for use with external drives like port powered Western Digital Passport for instance?

Yes. You can attach portable harddrives that are powered by USB 2.0, 3.0 or Type-C.

Can I get only some of the Pro features or suggest a new feature?

Currently, the Sirius A is only available in the standard and Pro version. Our primary focus is on upgrading the user experience of the Sirius A by a wide array of accessories that make it even more user friendly and versatile. Of course, we're still open for suggestions, so feel free to share these with us!

If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can email us at [email protected].