New timeframe

By admin — May 22nd, 2017

As you know, we are unfortunately facing a delay with the development of the Ockel Sirius A (Pro). The past weeks we spent a lot of time with our engineers and the specialists at Microsoft and Intel to finalize the new timeframe. We have determined 5 critical stages for the development and would like to share the detailed schedule with you here:

Week 25 (week of June 19th): Engineering validation samples ready. These samples will be tested by Ockel, Intel and Microsoft

Week 30 (week of July 25th): Design validation samples ready. All software, tooling and the PCBA will have been optimized

Week 32 (week of August 7th): Final tweaks. Mass production sample will be ready

Week 33 (week of August 14th): Start mass production

Week 38 (week of September 18th): Start shipment

We chose to project conservative, which means that the Ockel Sirius A could be here faster. The timing also depends on the results we’re getting in each phase.

We know that a delay of almost 4 months is not something you are excited about. Neither are we. We dislike delays as much as you do, but what we dislike even more is a product that doesn’t meet our standards for innovation and quality. We hope you trust us that it will be worth the wait.

In order to make it up to you we have a little present for our backers. Little in terms of size, but not at all in terms of design, coolness and value.

As many of you know, Ockel was founded by Tim, who is also the founder of Avanca, an award-winning specialist of mobile lifestyle accessories. Avanca is creating the ToughGlass tempered glass protector that will be included with your Ockel Sirius A. But, Avanca also introduced the Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds last week. These earbuds are not only 100% wireless, they have also won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2017!

The Avanca Minim Earbuds are compatible with your smartphone, but will also work flawlessly with your Ockel Sirius A. So, we decided to give ALL of our backers a free pair! The earbuds have a retail price of 99 euros/110 dollars and they will be included with the shipment of the Ockel Sirius A.

Are you reading this update and you haven’t joined the campaign yet? The next 500 backers who join will also receive the Avanca Minim Earbuds!


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