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How to use the Duet Display app to turn your iPhone or iPad in a second screen for your Ockel PC  

By Jesper — May 4th, 2016

Sometimes one screen just isn’t enough. Whether you’re working in two or more spreadsheets, or doing research for a blog, two monitors simply make it easier to work in multiple windows and boost your productivity. Wouldn’t it be great to use your iPad (or iPhone), as a screen for your Ockel Sirius B or Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry? In this article we’ll explain you how to do this by using the Duet Display application.

The Duet Display App

There are many apps in the Apple AppStore for dual monitoring, but we believe the application called ‘Duet Display’ is the best option around. Even though it is one of the higher-priced iOS apps (at the moment of writing this blog, the app can be downloaded for USD 15.99), the boost in productivity makes this money well spent. The Duet Display app is designed by ex-Apple engineers and has a 4,5 out of 5-star rating in the Apple Appstore. It offers a dual monitor solution without any noticeable lag, so if you’re looking for a reliable and fast dual monitoring solution, this is the way to go.

Another great feature of Duet Display application is that you do not need to use your PC-monitor again. Connect your iPhone or iPad USB-cable to your Ockel PC, start the application and you’re ready to use your iPhone or iPad as the main monitor.

How to set up the Duet Display Application

To set-up your iPad/iPhone as a second monitor you’ll need the Duet Display Application for iOS and the PC (or Mac) companion app. Since our Ockel PC’s are running on Windows 10, we’ve tested the PC-version of the Duet Application.

The PC and Mac application of Duet is free. The Duet Application for your iPad or iPhone can be found in the AppStore.

Step 1: Download the Applications

First, you need to install the PC-client of Duet Display. Click here to download and install the PC-client of Duet Display.

Second, you need to install the iOS-client of Duet Display. Click here to download and install the iOS-client of Duet Display.

Step 2: Setting up the PC-client of Duet Display

  1. Once you’ve finished downloading the Duet Display client application, open and run the .exe file.
  2. The installer will now open and the following screen will show up:
  3. You may change the destination of where the application will be saved. The C:\ drive is selected by default.
  4. Agree to the License terms and conditions and click the blue ‘Install’ button
  5. The Duet Display installation will begin. Please note that the installation may take up to 10 minutes to finish. Once finished, the following screen will pop-up
    duet display windows 10
  6. Click ‘Finish’ to finalize the installation of Duet Display.
  7. You’ll now be prompted to restart your Ockel. Please make sure you have saved all files and documents you were working on previous or during the installation of Duet Display. Press ‘Yes’ to restart your Ockel or choose ‘No’ to manually restart your Ockel later.
    duet display windows 10


Step 3: Setting up the iOS-client of Duet Display

Installing the Duet Display application on your iPhone or iPad is as easy as installing any other application. Click here to view Duet Display in the AppStore. Or use the search option in the AppStore and type: ‘Duet Display’.

Once installed you’ll notice a Duet Display application. Click on this application to start Duet Display.

Step 4: Connecting your iDevice with your Ockel

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad USB-cable to your Ockel PC;
  2. Start the iOS Duet Display application on your iPhone or iPad;
  3. After a few seconds you’ll notice that your iPhone or iPad shows your PC-screen.

To change the Display preferences, open up the display configuration settings on your Ockel.

How to use your iPad as a primary monitor

The Ockel Sirius B and Sirius B Black Cherry can use the iPad as monitor in conjunction with the Duet Display App. The trick to use the iPad as a primary monitor is to ensure you set Windows 10 as auto login or to add a 4 digit password to login.

Turn on Ockel, ensure you have USB-Lightning or 30-pin cable connected to the iPad and run the Duet App. That’s all! You now have the ideal portable monitor. – Thanks Alan for the tip!

Have you also read our blog how to enable to God-Mode to easily access all the configuration options on your Ockel?


  • Dolf van Munster says:

    Super tip, surely I will use this when my Ockel PC is there.

  • Sander Koop says:

    Sweet… Is there a Duet app for Android as well?

    • Jesper says:

      Hi Sander, Duet Display is – unfortunately – iOS only. We’ve just finished writing the blog for Android users and will publish this shortly!

  • Josh SY Kim says:

    What about using just the ipad as ONE monitor? Not ‘duet’. Can it be done?

  • Gucci says:

    Nice article. Have anyone tried using an ipad as the only monitor for a PC running windows?? I need a portable display for a mini pc and I’m considering buying an ipad, but only if it works as primary display. Any help? Thanks

  • Grayson King says:

    My solution is free but not ideal for every purpose. I use TeamViewer with unattended access set up so in a sense my iPad or iPhone or whatever I like actually can grab the screen wirelessly. I set it up so all I have to do is to turn on my Ockel and TeamViewer boots up in the background then when it automatically connects to my home wifi it comes live in the TeamViewer app (free I believe but there are numerous free options besides TeamViewer). This also means I can remote control it even when I leave it at home. I can’t watch videos this way but why would I need to if I have an iPad? I can move files into Dropbox or whatever then view them easily without issue. I’m looking at a 15 port usb hub (£60ish) so I can connect all my external hdds and have access to all my files whenever I want. Even found an 18-way plug socket extension (£30) but then I’m laughing. =)

    I will look into this app only if I encounter any issues whatsoever, it’s a lot to pay for a solution you might not need is all so I hope that I helped. =)

  • Gary O says:

    Are there any limitations in resolution?

    • Jesper says:

      Hi Gary,

      At the basic Regular resolution, you get a second display that’s effectively 1024×768, scaled to fit the iPad’s screen.

  • Ed says:

    @Grayson King

    Kudos. Awesome solution!

    Hi Jesper, permit me a joke with a serious undertone. Donate a Sirius A Pro to the Chech guys of MacStorm.eu. Ask them what they can make happen with your wonderful Windows machine. Nudge, nudge, you get it, don’t you.

    By the way how did you hit on Ockel as a name? Sorta tribute ( no “s”) to Wubbo?
    Wish you guys every Terabyte of succes, Ockeling into the future!



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