Testing 1.. 2.. 3.. Go!

By Jesper — August 21st, 2017

After testing all components thoroughly, we decided to give a ‘Go’ for the next optimized version of the PCBA, which will be integrated in the upcoming PVT prototype. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll keep you updated on the PVT prototype building process.

In-between testing the Ockel Sirius A prototypes, we have found time for everyone to play with the Ockel Sirius A as well. When our working day is over, there is one application that gets a bit more attention than the rest: Asphalt 8 Airborne. The free and very popular racing game in the Windows Store works like a charm on the Ockel Sirius A prototype and is a pleasure to play!

Beside the fact that it is a real fun game to play, it is also a perfect tool to test several sensors of the Ockel Sirius A. The Gyroscope, Magnetometer and Accelerometer are sensors that are in use while playing Asphalt. Here’s some background information about the three sensors:

– A magnetometer measures magnetic fields. Because the earth has a significant magnetic field, the magnetometer can be used as a compass.
– An accelerometer measures accelerations. This is useful to measure changes in velocity (directly, as the acceleration is the first time derivative of the velocity) and changes in position (by integrating the signal). They are usually used for measuring small movements.
– A gyroscope measures either changes in orientation (regular gyro or integrating rate gyro) or changes in rotational velocity (rate gyro).

Obviously, the Ockel Sirius A passed all gyroscope-related tests.


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