Ockel Computers @ Events

By Jesper — November 6th, 2017

One of the aspects of building a brand is to exhibit on both consumer and business events. Those events are the ideal place to let visitors experience the Ockel products and to tell everyone about our amazing brand story, highly driven by the Indiegogo community. Last week we exhibited on two eventsThe Computable Future Lab and the TechGirl event. The Computable Future Lab was an ideal event to encounter all sorts of businesses who are looking for the perfect portable computing solution. It was great to tell everyone about the Ockel story and our products. The event was also exciting in a different way, we met several Indiegogo backers! The backers were pleasantly surprised to see and feel the Ockel Sirius A with their own eyes.

At the TechGirl event we met with (mainly female) computer enthusiasts. It was great telling them all about the Ockel product line-up with a primary focus on the Ockel Sirius A.

This week Tim and I will head over to Singapore to expand our distributors network in the APAC region. As seen here on Indiegogo, we have many backers from the APAC region and we are exploring opportunities to bring the Ockel products closer to our APAC customers.

Obviously, the complete first production run is reserved for Indiegogo backers. You will all be the first to receive the Ockel Sirius A, before anyone else does!

As we mentioned last week, we won the CES Honoree Award. This means that we’ll be exhibiting at the CES in January. This will be the chance for all our American backers to meet up with the Ockel team and see all of our products in action! More about the CES attendance will be shared with you later.


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