Fingerprint scanner on every Ockel Sirius A

By admin — March 27th, 2017

As we shared with you last week, Tim and Jan Paul were in Asia where they worked together with our technical partners on the Ockel Sirius A and Ockel Sirius A Pro.

Windows Hello and Cortana

Every Ockel Sirius A and Ockel Sirius A Pro will include a fingerprint scanner!

We had this idea in our minds since we’ve launched the Ockel Sirius A Backer Survey a couple months back, but had to keep quiet as we were not 100% sure we would be able to integrate the feature. Results have shown that more than 55% of our backers would like to have a fingerprint scanner integrated in the Ockel Sirius A. Actually, it was the top requested feature after 8GB RAM, 128GB Flash eMMC Storage and Windows 10 Pro. Features which we already included in our Ockel Sirius A Pro version. Something that makes sense, since most of you will probably carry around their Ockel device and with all your personal data stored on it security is an extremely important issue.

The fingerprint add-on is guaranteed for everyone who already joined us and for any future backer. Are there any additional cost for you? No!

We also managed to find a perfect position in the casing for the dual microphone and speaker units. Jan Paul and our technical partners worked hard to integrate the dual microphone and speaker units in the Canis Major Heatsink on the bottom of the device, without handing in on signal disturbance.

The integration of the fingerprint scanner and the positioning of the dual microphone and speaker units is perfect to get the most out of the Ockel Sirius A and Ockel Sirius A Pro using Microsoft Hello and Cortana. We believe these two Microsoft solutions will make the use of your device safer, easier, more comfortable and future proof.

What is Windows Hello?

Learn more about Windows Hello here:…
We hope you are just as excited as we are about the fingerprint scanner. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section!


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