A short additional update this week

By admin — June 13th, 2018

Hi all,

Time for a short, second update this week. As we promised, we will update you with the latest production status today.

Shipping plan – ‘’Rest of World’’ orders

We have great news for most of the backers that are still awaiting their shipment. Tomorrow we’ll start with the first shipments of the Ockel Sirius A Pro Moon Silver configurations with destinations outside of Europe.

We have worked hard to be able to ship out the first portion of Ockel Sirius A Pro Moon Silver configurations as quickly as possible. This weekend we will ship a little over 50% of the outstanding Ockel Sirius A Pro Moon Silver ‘’Rest of World’’ orders.

We expect to be able to ship the other half next weekend, as they are still in our production facility for optimization purposes.

As soon as your order has been shipped we will send you the tracking code by e-mail. The first backers will receive their tracking code on Monday.

Shipping plan –European orders

We have great news for our European backers as well! The airfreight is ready for departure from our production facility. We expect to receive the airfreight in the middle of next week. All of the outstanding Ockel Sirius A Pro Venus Gold orders will be shipped out as soon as the airfreight arrives in the middle of next week.

In addition to the Venus Gold configuration we will also ship 50% of the outstanding European Ockel Sirius A Pro Moon Silver orders. We expect to ship the other half a week later.

Support documentation updates:

Today we released a new automatic driver installation tool on our Online Support Center. With this tool, you are able to install all drivers automatically instead of a manual installation. We have included a manual for the installation within the .zip file you can find on our website.

You can find the new driver set here: Ockel Online Support Center

The beloved BIOS update is taking a little longer than expected.

In the last 1.5 week we have made great progression on fixes for software related instabilities. Early next week we will be able to release an all new Battery Management Driver, which includes fixes for the battery drains and overall stability.

Some users noticed an option in the File Explorer to deactivate & eject the Wifi chipset. With the upcoming software update we have fixed this as well. The Wifi drops, which have been reported by several users have also been fixed.

The fixes are part of a BIOS-update. Instructions on how to install this update will obviously be included. As soon as all the required documentation is finalized we’ll publish the update via our Online Support Center.

Device related (technical) questions

For those who have support inquiries or device related questions, we’d advice you to e-mail our support team at: [email protected]. We’re doing all we can to respond within 48 business hours.

See you on Monday!

The Ockel team


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