Photoshoot images & Production update

By admin — June 13th, 2018

Hi all,
Time for an all new update. Today we’re happy to share a brief production update and several pretty product shots!

Production update

Last week we’ve received a couple of questions from backers, asking about the status of the production. We are glad to be able to tell you that the production is on track. We are still awaiting the PCB production. In the meantime, all the IC’s (components used on the PCB) have arrived in the warehouse facilities. The casing production is being prepared as well.

Today we’ve placed the order at Microsoft for the several thousands of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro licenses needed to load every single Ockel Sirius A and Sirius A Pro with!

As for now we are anticipating on finishing the production early January. When the production has been finished, a quality check will follow and shortly after that we’ll ship out all orders to our backers. Obviously, we cannot yet pin-down an exact shipping date but we’ll keep you updated about this in January!

Photoshoot images

As requested by one of the backers last week, we’re happy to share several images we shot a few weeks ago. Please note that all the images have been shot with the pre-production sample of the Ockel Sirius A. What you see, is what you get!

The Ockel team


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