Monthly Update – January 2020

By Steven — February 21st, 2020

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Did You Know…
We know that no one likes to carry around heavy stuff while traveling or commuting. That’s why we designed the Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry to weigh only 153 grams (or 5.40 ounces). Did you know this is even less than the iPhone 11!

Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10
Windows 10 is a complex piece of software, it makes sense that there are little tricks most people don’t even know about. Discover 23 hidden features in this interesting blog from PCMag.

Become An Owner Of Our Company!
Being a shareholder of Ockel Computers means sharing a passion for creating true innovation. Investing in Ockel is easy, you just simply buy Ockel Tokens starting from 25 EUR. Don’t miss this unique chance to co-own an innovative hardware company from the Netherlands! 
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The Ockel Team