Production has started

By admin — November 14th, 2015

We want to share some exciting news with you: the first production run has started and hundreds of Sirius B’s are manufactured at the moment of writing this update. That means we are perfectly on track to ship the pocket PC before Christmas to anyone who has joined our project so far!

We also would like to update you on the upgraded version. Unfortunately, our team member and product engineer Jan Paul, broke his collarbone this week. He’s recovering quickly from the injury, but hasn’t been able to work full speed on the upgraded model the last couple of days. We hope to show you a first sneak preview of the upgraded version next week. We did receive several questions about the upgraded version, that we already would like to answer here:

1) Will the upgraded version be shipped before Christmas?

No. We would be thrilled if we could manage that, but designing, prototyping, testing and producing the upgraded version will take weeks-months, as we will need to make several important changes to the product design.

2) Will I be able to switch from my current perk to the upgraded perk?

Yes. Indiegogo made it very easy to upgrade your perk. Please read more about this topic here if you are interested in upgrading.

3) I want to receive my current perk, but also the upgraded version. Can I get both perks?

Absolutely. You don’t need to ‘give up’ your current perk in order to get the upgraded version. If you want to receive the Ockel Sirius B before Christmas and the upgraded version later on, you can just claim the new perk when it becomes available instead of upgrading your current one.