Update 111: Switch Mode Alpha + Production update

By Jesper — oktober 29th, 2018

Hi all,

Today we have a new update for you. This week we’ll brief you on the production progress, the Switch Mode Alpha release and last but not least, our monthly newsletter!

Production update

Great news! The new PCB design has been approved and we’ve already placed the order for the new batch of PCBs. The latest estimation is that the lead-time for the PCB is around 40 days. We’ll keep you posted about the progress on the PCB production.

Switch Mode – Alpha v.01

Last week we promised you to release the Switch Mode BETA. To be honest, it will be an Alpha test phase as there are still many aspects that require improvement.

The Switch Mode Alpha can be found here: https://www.ockelcomputers.com/support/sirius-a/

We will continue to develop this feature. All of your feedback is welcome, please e-mail us at: [email protected] with the subject ‘’Switch Mode Feedback’’

“Before experimenting with the SwitchMode app, please ensure your external display is setup as extended display. Once you’ve done that, simply run the SwitchMode executable. If an external display is connected, all applications will be moved to the external display, the Sirius A display will turn white and function as a trackpad. Disconnecting the external display will make the SwitchMode run in the background.

Monthly newsletter

Last month we started with the first edition of the Ockel newsletter. From now on we’ll update our subscribers every month about the latest product news, behind-the-scenes action and much more other cool stuff we’re working on!

Do you want to receive fresh Ockel news in your inbox as well? Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/2P4Z4sm

That’s it for now. As always, if you have any questions regarding our products or this update, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or leave us a comment, here on Indiegogo. We answer all questions within 48 business hours (Monday-Friday)

See you next week,

The Ockel Team


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