Monthly Update – July 2019

By Steven — augustus 5th, 2019

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Ockel Sirius A Restock

Amazon Restock

We have great news for Amazon (Prime) shoppers. We scheduled a restock of the Ockel Sirius A Meteor Grey on Amazon US! The new stock is on its way to Amazon’s warehouse as we speak. Keep an eye on our Amazon page and social media for the latest updates. Visit our Amazon Store.


Works with Alexa certificate

You may use the Ockel Sirius A as an Alexa smart speaker in the near future! Microsoft is allowing further integration of third-party voice assistants in Windows. This will make it, among other things, possible to activate Alexa with wake words when your Sirius A is on lock screen. Learn more.

Packaging Concepts

Sirius A packaging concepts

In this image you’ll notice several concepts of the Sirius A packaging. We designed this packaging solution to look stunning and to be durable. We carefully selected the materials and decided not to use any plastics for sustainability.


Redefining Investing

Ockel STO investment opportunity

Did you know we are the first Dutch hardware company that launched an STO? This redefining investment opportunity makes it possible for you to own one of the most innovative startups from the Netherlands. Learn more about the benefits.

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