Say Hi to Liao

By admin — april 24th, 2017

Here at Ockel Computer we’re constantly seeking for new talent to be added to the team. A couple of months back we welcomed Liao to our team. Liao is an expert in coding and has many years of experience in using all kind of code-languages.

Liao oversees the technical software development here at Ockel and is working closely with our technical partners, including Microsoft and Intel. Together with Microsoft he’s working on the design, implementation and the specific functionalities of the unique ‘Switch Mode’ of the Ockel Sirius A. Currently we’re working around the clock on the Switch Mode. The latest Windows 10 Creators update includes a lot of improvements that are a positive addition to the Switch Mode we’re developing. The implementation of this feature is on track and we’re happy to show you the results when the next prototype is ready.

Together with our marketing team, Liao is working on the new website we told you about two weeks ago.


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