By Jesper — juli 26th, 2017

Enjoy your content on any HDMI screen in three easy steps.

Step 1: Connect your Ockel device to a HDMI cable and connect the cable to a screen.

Step 2: Connect the power cable to your Ockel device and a power outlet.

Step 3: Start working or playing.


Please make sure that you’ve connected the Ockel device as described above. Press the power on button to start up your Ockel for the first time.

Please note: Any Ockel device needs about 10 minutes during the first boot-up to configure Windows 10. Please do not turn off the device during this configuration as this might cause errors!

The Windows 10 configuration will begin shortly after the Sirius B has started up. Please fill in your details and connect to a network in order to continue.

Windows Update

Once set-up, make sure you download all the available updates for your Ockel device the Windows Update section of Windows.


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