Ockel Computers Is Ushering in a Whole New Era of Company Financing

By Jesper — oktober 5th, 2018

The Netherlands, October 4 2018

Hardware company Ockel Computers launches first Dutch Security Token Offering 

Hardware company Ockel Computers has launched the first Dutch Security Token Offering (STO), ushering in a whole new era of company financing. The company will finance its growth by making public shares available to a broader public.

Digital shares
Blockchain technology is reshaping the investment landscape. The STO is a new way of investing that is safer, regulated and gaining momentum. An STO is different from previous token offerings in that it provides investors with more assurance because with STOs investors get real shares in the company, based on concrete value.

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) supervises, or in the case of exempted investments like the Ockel STO, has the power to act retroactively. An STO offers investors the same rights and protection as with a regular public offering. Shareholders benefit from the potential increased value of the company and are entitled to profit distribution. For the company, issuing these digital shares is a way to convert the business value into growth capital.

STOs enable companies to activate their constituencies instead of relying solely on major shareholders or bank loans. Since the start of the company in 2015, Ockel Computers has financed all its product innovations through crowdfunding.

“Crowdfunding is in our DNA,” said Ockel Computers CEO Tim Haaksma. “Offering a share in our company is the next logical step for us. We want to attract a large group of investors who believe in what we do, all while remaining autonomous and independent, which is essential in creating radical innovation.”

About Ockel Computers

With the rise of the mobile lifestyle, the demand for reliable mobile solutions has also increased. Ockel Computers makes pocket-sized, ultra-mobile PCs that run on a full Windows 10 operating system. They work closely with tech partners Microsoft and Intel to ensure the highest quality. Ockel Computers already has products sold in 90 countries, and its product line has won several international business, tech and design awards.

You can find more information about the Ockel Security Token Offering at: www.ockel.investments


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